This is a prayer plant This is a pilea plant this is a rubber tree plant

I have always been interested in plants. My mom has a huge green thumb and inspired me to take care of them. Growing up, I had really bad asthma which meant I stayed indoors most of the time. This is when I would paint and watch my mom take care of her plants. It was not till I was much older when I went through a depression after my sophomore year of college when my addiction became to flourish. To help cope with my mental health, I would help my mom garden. She thought working outside and doing something in general would help me and it did! Over the two years I was out of school, I began to look for outlets to cope. Which included painting, drawing, and tending to plants.

I guess you can say the coping mechanism became an addictive hobby now. I've collected and given away so many plants that I cannot keep track of. I like to go to local plant nurseries to see if I can find any new plants to add to my collection. Do I consider myself to be a plant expert? No, but this is something I am passionate about and think others should know. I actually created a blog last semester for a class called Botanical Basics. Overall, this blog talks about beginner care for any new plant parents. Eventually, I would like to continue it, but I haven't had time.

I think it is important to incorporate plants into your life for multiple reasons. They purify the air in you living space, they can lift your mood if you are sad, and they give you a minor responsibility. It is important to find a plant that is great for you and your space, but I do think everyone should have one. If you are not sure, then check out my blog!

Here are a couple of my favorite plants:

  • Pilea Pepperomia
  • Rubber Tree Plant
  • Fiddle Leaf Fig
  • African Violets
  • Prayer Plants