This is a photo of a Chihuaua dog

My hobbies besides plant care, is painting. I do not consider myself to be an artist or a painter. This is something that I used to love as a child then I stopped. When I got older, this is when I started to reintroduce painting into my life. I paint random stuff, but mostly things that make me laugh. I think some art can be too serious, but I think it should be fun too. When you look at it daily, you will chuckle.

I mostly use acrylic paints; one is of a chihuahua named Besos. He is one of the kindest dogs, I've met especially for a chihuahua. He is a bit chunky, so I just got the urge to paint him. There is one of my cat Mr. Stripes, he passed away a year ago. I wanted something to remember him, it was a bit cheating, but I went to a Painting with a Twist event. The event was painting your pet, and now I have a huge painting of him.

The newest media I am using is watercolor paintings. I bought a small travel set to begin with, it is one that is highly recommended. I painted a gift for my friend who moved to Portland, Oregon. When she lived here, we would frequently get Starbucks afterwork. Her signature drink was a Pink Drink with Vanilla. I tried it and I got hooked on it. I decided to paint a pink drink for her to remember me.

This is a photo of a Starbucks Pink drink