Home Gardening

Why Garden at Home?

In a time of self-quarantine, it is important to find a hobby. Something to keep both your body and your mind healthy, active, and makes you happy. One hobby that keeps the mind and body happy would be at home gardening. Home gardens not only provide a nice decor in your house but add healthier effects to your life. Plants within your household make people happier by providing a higher quality household and more nutritious food. Tending to plants keep you busy daily, healthy by improving air quality, and provide a learning opportunity!

Plants filter the air around them. They absorb toxic gasses and emit oxygen, which can make you slow and sluggish. The increase in plants and bring humidity. For people who have asthma or allergies, this is extremely important, and this provides a cleaner air quality in your house and will keep your household healthier, including your pets!

Educational opportunities will arise as well when it comes to plant care. It can be learning what kind of plant lives in your home and the genius they are or what kind of plant will survive in your house. Knowing either if that cactus will survive in your room. No single plant is the same, they all have their own lighting, watering, and soil needs. Tending plants with others will bring quality time with each other. You can learn something new about the other or have a younger member learn what kind of plant is in their home. A creative way to entertain your brain is to make a terrarium or an arrangement. Usually a terrarium will allow you to have a small, highly humid ecosystem in a glass bowl. An arrangement is more of a decor piece with plants and pots but with miniature figures or items with crystals and rocks. You can even add old nostalgic toys.

Having an indoor garden can not only be a piece of decor but can also be functional. Having and indoor garden can allow you have an herb garden in the windowsill. Providing fresh and healthy foods to your everyday meals. You can even go above and beyond and plant most of the cuttings from your produce, plant them, and watch them grow. However, for best results, it is encouraged to grow them outside in a vegetable garden! This will also help you lower your grocery cost by having it right in your house.

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