Floral Designs


This is a photo of myself holding an ikebana floral arrangement

In the fall semester of 2019, I decided to take a Plant and Floral Design class at Texas State University. The same idea, where I wanted to work with plants but also create something. This class was taught by Dr. Tina Cade, and each week we would made a floral arrangement while learning new flower and foliage names. At the end of the semester we learned over 150 plant names, the common and Latin name. Then we had to select randomly which arrangement we would make from the ones we learned throughout the semester.

Throughout the semester we made classic floral arrangements like bud vase, bouquets, and large arrangements. We also made some more unique designs like asymmetric, contemporary, and ikebana arrangements. Each design we created; materials were provided but it was nice with some foliage we were able to gather from the garden. The agriculture garden is full of different varies of plants which make any design original.

One of my personal favorite arrangements was the contemporary design. This arrangement was more unique, regarding bending typical design rules and focused more on personal preference. The design I chose was Pave arrangement. This consisted of multiple form and filler flowers to be compact in a small vase, making a mosaic design. Along with this, it is encouraged to make a painting like picture with the flowers. For example, mine was a sunset with a peony flower acting as the sun.

This is a photo of a floral arrangement