Rico's Website
This is a polaroid photo of myself with my plants

My name is Richard Flores but everyone calls me Rico. I am a senior at Texas State University. After taking two years off from my sophomore year, I wanted to return and finish my education. Currently, I am majoring in Mass Communications focused in Digital Media Innovation with a Political Science minor. I also have an interest in Horticulture; I've taken a Floral Design class and I am currently taking Landscape Design. Currently, I am interning at the Texas Nursery Landscape Association in EXPO Sales.

My hobbies include painting, mostly with acrylic but I am dabbling with watercolors currently. I also tend to my plants daily to make sure they are happy and healthy. Since I have a lot of them, this can take a long process. Going to nurseries is also another favorite hobby of mine to feed my plant addiction. I prefer to go to nurseries because they tend to take better care of their plants rather than a normal department store. Other than these hobbies I am busy with schoolwork. I would like to start two side businesses by selling my artwork and to maybe do freelance web design.

I plan on graduating in the Fall of 2020, hopefully after I can combine my interest in design and plants to get my graduate degree and become a Landscape Architect. This career path allows me to create creative content, either work for a company or myself, and to work with plants. My schoolwork is also helping me with design. I am in a Landscape Design class which helps with architectural lettering and layout. I took a Floral Design class last semester. This class benefitted me by improving my use of color and texture in design. Finally, my Media Design class is encouraging me to use InDesign for graphic design.


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